Culinary & Wine Tours

Our wine & gourmet tours combine the most spectacular Italian landscapes, where numerous activities will be offered, and the local wines and cuisine or better cookery – because in numerous cases the clients will be involved in the preparation of the local dishes. Several things to excite your senses: tastings of the best and most interesting Italian wines, liquors and grappas. Visits of wine cellars with conversations with wine producers and enologists. Visits to cheese producing factories with the possibility to take part in the producing process.Tasting lunches and dinners are offered to experience the local specialities in the best restaurants carefully chosen by Arbaspàa under consideration of the suggestions of Slow Food and other organizations.


Walks & Hikes

The best way to acquaint yourself with a landscape is to discover it on foot. This “mean of transport” is the oldest one of the mankind too and our senses are made to work best at this pace.

Effectively by going “SLOW” we are able much more intensively to absorb the various impressions and impulses that our surroundings are giving us.

To see how the landscape changes at every step.

To hear the sounds: the singing birds, the humming insects, the roaring surf and the whispering wind.

To smell the fragrances of the nature: the flavour of the flowers and herbs in spring time, the aroma of mushrooms and wet leaves in autumn.

And at the end of the day we feel a sweet tiredness in our legs, when we stretch them out under a table full of inviting plates which we are hungry to taste: the wine, the pasta, the cheese, the local specialities…

This are all the pleasures that walking gives us – pleasures as old as the humanity.

Our hiking tours are always a trip back in the past too: follow the paths of the ancient pilgrims through Tuscany on their way to Rome or travel the thousand years old trails in the Cinque Terre through the beautiful terraced vineyards settled on 7.000 kms of dry stone walls. March on the old paths of the Alps between France, Liguria and Piedmont. Discover the ancient land of the sirens in the Cilento national park.

No stress, just enjoy!

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